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I will only post good instruments!
Jewel Moyers was a good friend, one of the greatest
people to walk the earth, and he played music. He was
the first to step up and help and the last to leave. He
will be missed on a lot of levels.

Jewel was always a supporter of the mountain
dulcimer and related instruments and particularly of

At his passing, Jewel dedicated a large part of his
collection to kids.

Here is a small part of what he left. The money from
the sales will go to the creation of a Youth
Scholarship program at the Illinois Mountain Dulcimer
Winter Weekend.
Two Finnish cherry kanteles. The large one is a
MusicMakers kit and the smaller one was were
built in Endsley's shop. Beautiful instruments.
The 5-pin kantele has been SOLD. The 10-pin is
still avaiilable.

This was copied from Elderly Instruments website but it describes the instrument perfectly.

Tobacco sunburst finish, 20 chord strings and 25 melody strings, sort-of/kind-of a very elaborate
bowed psaltery twined with a zither, VG-EC except needs some work (needs clean up, tuning,
etc. - sold AS-IS), built by the Marxochime Colony in New Troy, Mi., 1930's, Soft Case.


One of my fondest memories of that period of my life is Claudia Schmidt singing
"If I Only Had a Brain" and playing the Pianolin.

Here she is playing the Pianolin.
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The bottom one has sold already. The top one is still
Jacksonville, IL, or we can meet somewhere, there
will be a shipping charge.
Jewel's Scholarship Fund allowed
several young musicians to attend the
Illinois Mountain Dulcimer Festival!
These folks have donated instruments or services to the Fund.
If you have an instrument you would like to donate contact me.

Barb French      Steve Endsley
Katy Waters      Peter Ellertsen
Diane Elliot       Mike Anderson
Dale C. Evans